Friday, December 10, 2010

I Have Talented Friends- Share the Love- Be a Guest Blogger!

I'm so blessed to have the most LOVING and TALENTED friends. I am constantly AMAZED at how CREATIVE they are. Some of my friends are FANTASTIC COOKS, some are really good at ARTS & CRAFTS and SCRAP BOOKING, and ALL are WITTY and INSIGHTFUL, with helpful ADVICE and INSPIRATION to share!

So, all my family, friends and followers out there, SHARE YOUR TALENT and join NW Momma by being a GUEST BLOGGER!

I know you do something AMAZING.

I know you have something to SHARE.

Come on, it's EASY. 

Share a favorite RECIPE.

Show us how to MAKE SOMETHING.

Tell us what INSPIRES and ENCOURAGES you.

YOU are TALENTED and AMAZING and YOU INSPIRE and ENCOURAGE me everyday! I want to share you with the whole bloggy world! 

You can email me at or let me know on my NW Momma facebook page, or leave a COMMENT here.

I'm looking forward to seeing who my first GUEST BLOGGER will be!

There is joy in the journey!

Thanks friends,

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