Saturday, December 11, 2010

Welcome Laura! The First NW MOMMA Guest Blogger!

I'm so excited to welcome Laura Cameron as the first ever NW Momma Guest Blogger! Laura is a mom, high school foreign language teacher, amazing cook and world traveler! She's smart, strong, kind, and creative....definitely a true NW Momma! Thanks Laura for your contribution to NW Momma and I encourage all the NW Mommas out there to share your talent here and be a Guest Blogger, too!

I'm Dreaming of a Blue Christmas
By Laura Cameron
My grandmother almost always had blue lights on her Christmas tree.  Blue is not a color traditionally associated with Christmas decorations, but I thought her tree was spectacularly beautiful and wondered why more people didn’t use blue instead of red and green.  The lights she used were large, and the bulbs were hot to the touch (no stay cool LED lights or tiny twinkles were to be had in the 1970s).  My aunt and I used to spread a blanket on the floor and slide ourselves as far under the tree as we could.

Flat on our backs, we’d stare up at the branches and whisper about the tree, with its cool azure light, fresh smell of fir needles, silvery threads of tinsel, shiny ornaments.  It was a secret place of wonder : a fairy land where we could disappear (even though our feet were sticking out from under the tree) and lose ourselves in the magic anticipation of the lovely things to come: presents, sweets, stockings, family dinners and Santa. Blue is the color of peace and childhood dreams.

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